Pink Hat
  • I make images for money.
  • I make images for free too, but I'd rather be paid for them.
  • If it exists, I'll photograph it.
  • If it doesn't exist I'll still make you a picture of whatever "it" may be although my imagination and yours might not coincide on the details.
  • I'll shoot weddings, engagements, birthdays, gatherings, special events, pets, working animals, show animals, stuffed animals, product shots, head shots, advertising photos, drunken brawls, or hummingbirds.
  • Have camera. Will travel. I prefer to work in western South Dakota, primarily in the Black Hills, but I could be convinced to go elsewhere.
  • Click Contact to get hold of me. Let's talk about your imaging needs. I've got a million ideas, many of them haven't been used yet.